Unforntunately, there are times when a tooth is not restorable and must be extracted.  A tooth is a live organ with a blood and nerve supply and is part of a much larger team of teeth that allow us to chew, maintain the shape of our face, and provide ability to speak properly, and smile confidently. Losing a single tooth can lead to adjacent teeth shifting out of proper alignment causing changes in the bite and droves of dental disasters. Therefore, the extraction or removal of a tooth is the last resort.  We will guide you through the best and quickest way possible to replace a lost tooth.  Replacement of missing teeth range from Implants with Crowns, Fixed Bridges, and Removable Partial or Complete Dentures. Tooth loss can be an emotional time and bring concerns of public embarrassment or worry over being judged.  We will do our best to bring comfort and reassurance by guiding you through the entire process as easy and quickly as we can.


Beyond your Expectations

Here at BEYOND Dental you can expect your visit to be all about YOU, including outstanding customer service, a comfortable feeling of home, and even fun fellowship.  There is also a unique and peaceful atmosphere that is BEYOND words.  Our office is a special place that you will want to tell your family and friends about. We actually listen to your concerns and spend valuable time with you to customize a plan that is best for your specific needs. Call today to schedule your NEW PATIENT EXPERIENCE and discover the difference for yourself.

Beyond the Status Quo

At BEYOND Dental we listen and communicate to give you our best.  We can provide you with outstanding treatment as well as exceptional cosmetic dentistry because of the latest in dental technology, the highest quality materials, and superior lab teams.  I have photos to prove it!  Please visit our Smile Gallery of our REAL PATIENTS.  Most importantly, never have cosmetic dentistry done anywhere without seeing actual case photos of real patients to judge the quality for yourself.

Beyond your Dental Needs

Our mission here at BEYOND Dental is to IMPROVE LIVES. This can go BEYOND the smile.  We understand that many of our patients have needs that go BEYOND their routine dental visit.  With this in mind, we address:  nutritional needs, such as proper diet to prevent dental disease, supplements that help support dental health, etc.  personal needs, such as scheduling difficulties (honoring your time) or financing options (understanding that money matters) -- we can customize just for you!  emotional needs, such as dealing with anxiety and fear or worries of life -- we know the Prince of Peace.  Somehow and in some way, we will seek to improve your life!