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“At first, I was scared it would hurt but then Dr. Moss told me everything would be OK and that I would LOVE my new teeth. She was right. I did not feel a thing... Having this work done was a great decision and you will feel so amazing with your new smile. Now I want to smile all the time.” - Leah

“My new teeth are amazing! I was always self-conscious of my teeth in pictures, etc. Now, I love taking pictures!… They look so natural… The procedures didn’t hurt at all either. I love my teeth and I am so glad I decided to get veneers - one of the best decisions I ever made! Thank you, Dr. Moss and team for giving me a beautiful smile.” - Kelsey

“I struggled with my smile for many years and finally decided to make a change. After much prayer, I found Dr. Moss. I truly feel God had a hand in it. Often I would shy away from photos or talking with people due to my smile, but now I love to smile and get my picture taken. God has blessed me with a beautiful smile now and I am so thankful. Thank you Dr. Moss for everything. You have changed my life.’ - Leslie

“I love my new smile! Dr. Moss and staff were so friendly and encouraging. I felt very comfortable and am so happy I decided to correct my smile. My new teeth are gorgeous! In the past, I had bad experiences at the dentist, but this was the best decision ever! Thank you, Dr. Moss!…” - JoAnn

“I have wanted a new smile for so long, but was very apprehensive about having a cosmetic procedure! I am ecstatic with my results and couldn’t be happier! God has truly blessed Dr. Moss with a special talent, and how wonderful and blessed I am that He led me here! Thanks so much, not only to Dr. Moss, but her wonderful staff!! It was an exciting experience to say the least, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to her practice!… ” - Susan

“The work was so very good. Everyone was very sweet and took very good care of me. I could not ask for anymore or better service.” - Maggie

“I searched for so long to find someone to take care of my teeth. It took me 30 years later before I could find someone to redo them. ... My teeth were just worn out and my smile was terrible. Now I have the most beautiful smile… I will forever be grateful and indebted to Dr. Moss and her most wonderful staff. They are so gracious, caring, and gentle. It has been a blessing to have found all of them, my new family friends! They were so happy for me, but not as happy as I am with my 20-years-younger-looking smile!!! Thank you all and I love you all very much!!!” - Linda

“After years of being self-conscious about my teeth, I now smile without hesitation thanks to the beautiful transformation done to them by Dr. Moss. The before and after pictures reveal the obvious need for this transformation and I could not be more pleased with the result! During the whole process, I was thoroughly informed as to what procedures would be taken to achieve what Dr. Moss had proposed. She also provided a complete estimate of the charges that would incur. Dr. Moss and her staff made me feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated at all times and I could not have had a more satisfying dental experience. I thank Dr. Moss and her assistant, Gabrielle, as well as the whole staff… I will gladly recommend them to anyone who is looking to enhance their teeth and feel better about their smile.” - Joanne

“I am so thankful to have my new smile thanks to Dr. Moss and her wonderful team! I have been worried about my teeth for quite some time, and now they are beautiful! I cannot wait to look at them all the time! Thank you for fixing my smile and for being such a blessing in my life to make me feel better. So happy that I decided to do this!” - Brandy

“Dr. Carmen Moss gave me a bright, new smile quickly and painlessly! My decades old bonding between my front teeth had stained and discolored, and a cuspid had darkened to the point that I knew I wanted SOMETHING done, so I went to Dr. Moss for a consultation. To my pleasant surprise, she said whitening, replacing the old bonding, and adding bonding to the cuspid, would solve the problem...and it did! Three weeks later, without filing down or hiding my natural teeth, Dr. Moss made me like my smile again. Thank you, Dr. Moss!” - Joyce

“Thanks to Dr. Carmen Moss… I am always getting told ‘You have such a pretty smile.’ It’s really nice to hear. When it comes down to having dentures and eating certain foods... I have friends that can’t believe I have dentures. I have to honestly thank Dr. Carmen Moss and her staff… I can smile and eat with confidence and get great compliments.” - Linda

“Having broken one tooth and [having] two root canals in a year and a half because of a bite problem; my dentist tried to fix [it] but gave me no hope. After a referral from a friend, and on my first visit, I could tell you cared and wanted to solve my problem… I am so amazed at the detail that went into making my [new] bridge: the color blend, the lines, the fit, and it is translucent like my real teeth. Unbelievable!!! - Thank you Wayne Crutchfield. Dr. Moss you are a very kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate person and I appreciate you for what you have done for me. I am not afraid to smile any more.” - Marsha

“Dr. Moss and her staff are wonderful! Need your smile back? This is the place to have superior work done...plus, have your spirit filled! I know this sounds crazy... but, I actually look forward to appointments! No pain involved and so peaceful… I finally have my smile back because of being lead by God, to go to Dr. Moss!” – Lisa

“Hands down, without a doubt the best dental team I have ever used. Everything about Dr. Moss and her whole staff puts you at ease.” – Kim

“Dr. Moss and her staff are absolutely incredible. I never thought I would say that about any dentist lol I am comfortable with her and she has almost completely eradicated my dental anxiety because she cares about her patients and is excellent at what she does… You should definitely go to see her.” - Stephanie

“Dr. Moss is the absolute best! She gave my wife the prettiest smile in town!!!” – Jerry

“I wish had the words to express how wonderful you are. Your care of my dental health has made me feel so much better. I don't have any pain when I eat anymore thanks to your treatment. My husband is Army, so when the Army says to move, we have to. But I would be willing to travel back to you for every treatment! To all who are considering Dr. Carmen Moss, LOOK NO FURTHER! This is the best place to have your dental health looked after!” – Rhiannon

“First actual dental work in about 23 years, I am in awe of Dr. Moss and her staff! Professional, patient-first policy, I highly recommend [them]. Thanks Dr. Moss and Gabrielle. No more losing teeth for me!!!” – Randy

“I must say that Dr. Carmen Moss and her staff are the best. I could not have asked for kinder people to deal with. I rate this office a "10" on a scale of 1-10. Nothing more to say they are great!!!” – Charlotte

“Thanks so much for taking care of me Dr. Moss! You and your staff are awesome!” – Scotty

Beyond your Expectations

Here at BEYOND Dental you can expect your visit to be all about YOU, including outstanding customer service, a comfortable feeling of home, and even fun fellowship.  There is also a unique and peaceful atmosphere that is BEYOND words.  Our office is a special place that you will want to tell your family and friends about. We actually listen to your concerns and spend valuable time with you to customize a plan that is best for your specific needs. Call today to schedule your NEW PATIENT EXPERIENCE and discover the difference for yourself.

Beyond the Status Quo

At BEYOND Dental we listen and communicate to give you our best.  We can provide you with outstanding treatment as well as exceptional cosmetic dentistry because of the latest in dental technology, the highest quality materials, and superior lab teams.  I have photos to prove it!  Please visit our Smile Gallery of our REAL PATIENTS.  Most importantly, never have cosmetic dentistry done anywhere without seeing actual case photos of real patients to judge the quality for yourself.

Beyond your Dental Needs

Our mission here at BEYOND Dental is to IMPROVE LIVES. This can go BEYOND the smile.  We understand that many of our patients have needs that go BEYOND their routine dental visit.  With this in mind, we address:  nutritional needs, such as proper diet to prevent dental disease, supplements that help support dental health, etc.  personal needs, such as scheduling difficulties (honoring your time) or financing options (understanding that money matters) -- we can customize just for you!  emotional needs, such as dealing with anxiety and fear or worries of life -- we know the Prince of Peace.  Somehow and in some way, we will seek to improve your life!